In a recently unearthed video from 2012, KISS engaged in a South American television interview where they were extremely displeased with their interviewer for wearing an Iron Maiden shirt instead of a KISS shirt.

As seen in the video above, before the interviewer could even get started, Paul Stanley calls out the fact that he's not wearing a KISS shirt. “KISS is spelled K-I-S-S, this does not spell KISS, Gustavo," Stanley said. "You made a big mistake.” He replied that he didn't want to wear a KISS shirt to a KISS interview, and the band instantly disagreed.

"I don't want him wearing an Iron Maiden shirt," Gene Simmons said. "We've got a KISS T-shirt." Simmons motioned off camera for someone to grab the shirt. "How about if you were Iron Maiden and we wore KISS t-shirts, is that okay?" Simmons asked. The interviewer said it would be fine, and Simmons brushed him off.

Stanley made a joke, saying, "Gustavo is very smart, that's how you get a free KISS t-shirt, you show up with the wrong shirt." He continued, "We love Steve [Harris], we love Bruce [Dickinson], we love Nicko [McBrain]. We love them all. But you're at a KISS concert, it doesn't show respect. You're in our house." Eric Singer is equally displeased, telling Gustavo you wouldn't wear the other team's jersey to a Raiders game.

The interviewer then took off his Iron Maiden t-shirt to reverse it, while Simmons recounted, "We took [Iron Maiden] out on their first U.S. tour." At the end of the video, Singer returned, presenting Gustavo with a (too big) KISS shirt to wear over it.

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