St. Patrick's Day is this Saturday. Will you be wearing the green? Will you be drinking "Car Bombs"? Or will you just be wearing a "Kiss Me I'm Irish" button?  Let's hope you don't wear that button in front of "Gay Leprechaun"!  More after the jump.

I can't believe I just stumbled over this stuff. It's REALLY funny and I have a bunch of episodes for you. Check out these videos of "Gay Leprechaun".


In the first episode, two guys meet the "Gay Leprechaun" for the first time, her is "Surprise in the woods"

In the next episode of "Gay Leprechaun" or horny little gay Leprechaun is a bit more desperate and direct, this one is called, "Take off your pants"


Our original duo are back for one more encounter with the "Gay Leprechaun", this ones called "Where the gold at"

In this episode, a random man wakes up with the gay Leprechaun in his bed. It's called, "Nalts gets lucky"

and finally, our Leprechaun may be on the road to satisfaction in "Drunk and Gay"