We are almost halfway through March which means a few things. First of all there is March Madness which seems to be of the few things that keep people going until the start of football season. Second is that it's Spring Break month which makes those who are off the whole week feel like the month is even shorter than February. Most importantly it's also the month in which St. Patrick's day is celebrated.

St, Patrick's day falls on a Friday this year as it's always celebrated on March 17. This year you can celebrate the Irish holiday right and get those leg and lung muscles working by signing up for the Shamrock 5k Run this year. That 5k run is being held by Two Docs Brewing Company in Lubbock and is just one part of their St. Patrick's Day party they are throwing. Of course you don't have to sign up for the race to enjoy the party and can just skip straight to the magically delicious green beer, it is not served with green eggs and ham unfortunately.

If you are like me and are not a fan of running then just skip on over to Two Docs where they will be having a St. Patrick's day party all day long. This party will be taking place on Saturday, March 18, the day after St. Patrick's day so that the party can really begin.

Two Docs will have food trucks, live music, and of course green beer in honor of the day, my question is how much green dye did they have to buy to last them all day to keep turning the beer green. This party will last from 10 a.m. until 12 a.m. and there will be plenty of opportunities to support local businesses while enjoying yourself and having an overall great time. Don't forget to also wear green and sign up for that 5k run.

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