For the record, I'm a 'gun' owner (we call them weapons in the Army) and all for gun ownership. I have mixed feelings about all this 'gun control' talk though. However, that's not what I'm writing about right now.

I have 2 simple words everyone should know and live by when it comes to owning a firearm: EDUCATION & RESPECT.

I know all of this talk has people up in arms (pun intended) and many are going out to purchase a firearm because owning one is 'their right'. However, the majority of those know nothing about handling a firearm. That's where education comes into play. You should go through extensive education on your firearm (from cleaning to handling to storing and more). You should also do the same with those in your home. You may know and respect your firearm, but your child or other family member may not. There are more accidental deaths than intentional each year. That's because of lack of education and respect for that firearm.

Finally, just like that car that goes 160mph, if you don't respect your firearm, you will pay the highest price. Firearms are not toys nor should they ever be treated like one.

After reading this, I'm sure many will respond by saying they're well educated on firearms and such, when deep down that's BS.

Don't be too proud to take a class or 2 in firearm safety.