Hooters waitresses from all over the country, including Texas, are speaking out about the new Hooters uniform they are required to wear. Hooters is a restaurant known for always having their waitresses showing some skin. When I was in college, my roommate worked at Hooters and I remember trying on her uniform as a joke, and I was surprised at how small and constricting the entire outfit was. The shirt made sure to push my top till it was overflowing, and the shorts were too tight and tiny. Thankfully, the tights the waitresses wear are opaque and hold everything in pretty well. If it weren't for those tights, I think I would have been a lot more uncomfortable in the entire ensemble.

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Now, it looks like Hooters has revamped their classic outfit for their waitresses and some of the women are shocked at how skimpy the shorts have become. Hooters has always been known for their tops that push up cleavage and tight outfits, but according to the Daily Mail the chain wanted staff to keep their butts completely covered. Now, it looks like they've chained their view on derrieres. Various Hooters waitresses have gone to Tik Tok to show off their new uniforms and just how different the shorts are.

One of those waitresses is Giselle Nguyen from Texas who posted her Tik Tok video comparing the difference between her old uniform shorts and her new, less covered pair.

@ggnguyenReply to @holymonce8 is this what y’all wanted ? LMAO♬ SZAS VERSE KISS ME MORE - ✨ SZA FANPAGE ✨

No word from the company on the new uniform and whether or not the women can wear the older version if they feel uncomfortable in the smaller size. See more of the videos of waitresses trying on the shorts below.

@theflathootersgirl I had seen all the tiktoks about the shorts but I got mine today and this is WILD 😭 I didn’t actually quit don’t worry ##hooters ##shorts ##uniform ##college ##waitress ##restaurant ##hootersgirledition ##OneSliceChallenge ♬ Jenna_Did_it - Chy


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