Bert Kreischer is coming to Lubbock this weekend to perform at Buddy Holly Hall as part of his Berty Boy Relapse Tour and took the time to call up The RockShow for a nice chat.

We're huge fans and talking with Kreischer was really something special. We thought you might like to hear the extended version of the interview. Only a couple of short clips played on-air, but the entire conversation was pretty entertaining.

Wes was tied up with prior engagements and gave me the reigns for the interview. I was pretty nervous to talk to Kreischer because I'm such a massive fan. I've had the pleasure of talking to all kinds of talented comedians, musicians, and artists since joining The RockShow two years ago, but this interview is now at the top of my list of most memorable and fun. I hope you get a kick out of it.

There are still a few seats available for the show if you're looking for a hilarious date night or an evening of laughs with your friends. Bert Kreischer is a big fan of Lubbock and Texas in general and seems to be really stoked to come through town to visit us. You might even see him out on one of our frisbee golf courses. He loves to go out and play when he's on tour.

Before hitting play on the audio below, we just wanted to warn you that there is some language that might not be suitable for all audiences. Enjoy!

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