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The RockShow asked fans to share their hilarious and unfortunate nicknames with us, and the story behind them, for an on-air segment. Everybody has a nickname, usually bestowed upon them by a friend or family member, and that's the beauty of nicknames: you don't get a choice.

Here are our favorites:

"Horsefly. Given by my grandfather because he could never shoo me away." - Frank Pain (Painman)

"In high school, they called me "Dookie" because of an FMX t-shirt I always wore. I assume it was for the Green Day album. Was my favorite shirt until it disintegrated." - Matt Payne

"My family called me buttwad. No idea why. My father made up random names for me every day when he got home from work. One of them was “squidly wimpus” and he printed it out on a label maker and stuck it in our van, also beanbucket." - Callie Weaks

"Doodles - dad and I would doodle all the time when I was super young. The fondest memories I have growing up is of me and dad doodling in front of the fireplace with a fire going for light since our electricity was turned off due to non-payment. We would do it to pass the time till bedtime. He would call me doodles because he said I was really good at doodling." - Lacey Rogers

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"I’ve had several but the one that stuck the most is “Tiny” Probably because I’m a little bitty fella. 6’-7” 325 lbs." - Wes Wicker

"Boozer... self-explanatory" - Courtney Boozer

"My friends in high school called me Applehead because I ate Applehead candy (a spin-off of Lemonheads). My band even ended up having a song called Applehead" - Evan Bandy

"Girthy Bertha" - Mark Anthony Sanders (no explanation given, but we will let you decide)

"Worm! From my dad! I wouldn’t use my arms when I was learning to crawl. So I looked like an inchworm." - Kate LeMasters

"Whatever you guys call me in the hallway..." - Lance Ballance (My boss)

"My name was Eustus, like the grumpy old man in courage the cowardly dog. I dunno how but as a joke, it got switched to useless in football" - Justyse Wayne Patrick Dahl

"My papa called me fuzzbucket bc of my hair when I was born. I totally looked like a boy, it didn’t wanna grow until I was almost 3" - Aly Ormsby

"When I was little, I was obsessed with the ocean, sharks, and divers. So my parents called me Manta Gray" - Gray Spencer

"Heathen because...just ask Wes" - Ethan Dometrius 

"My sister has always called me "Berly" short for Kimberly. I hate that shit" - Kimmi Ramone

"Lorchie Mammik. You take Luke Matsik and just and a whole lot of stupid energy. My bud came up with it in high school and that's been my online username ever since." - Luke Matsik

"When I was born one of the Star Wars had just come out and my dad called me Jenny C3PO, as I grew I really liked Whinnie the Pooh so it became Jenny C3 Pooh Bear. That turned in to Jenny Pooh Bear and from there to just Pooh. To this day my family calls me Pooh and I’m 42. All my nieces and nephews call me Aunt Pooh and they are adults with their own kids and guess what their kids call me? Yup, Aunt Pooh..." -Jennifer Aguilar

Thanks to everyone for sharing your funny nicknames. Do you have a weird nickname? Comment below or on the FMX Facebook page and tell us your story.

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