Becoming a member of the Facebook group for The RockShow, called RockShow RoadCrew, is now even more exciting than before!

The closed group on Facebook is comprised of people that we trust to give feedback on topics and ideas for The RockShow. If you're already a member you know what sort of things are posted to the group and why so there is no need to explain, but if you're not a member you'll have to become one in order to be on the inside poop that we share with members.

Being a member typically doesn't have any tangible benefits until now! We just opened the boxes containing the new and first edition of RockShow RoadCrew t-shirts and they are FIRE!

Watch the video to see the opening of the first RoadCrew t-shirt box!

Of course the back is outfitted with the famous FMX purple spot logo, but unlike any other FMX t-shirt in existence, the front is designed just for RoadCrew members. Due to the limited supply available we will be choosy in how these will be distributed and will only be given to people who are members of the RoadCrew on Facebook, so if you want one it's time to join!

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