Yes you've seen most of it already which is why it probably won't roll through here. The Rockstar Uproar Festival has been announced with a killer lineup. It is kind of odd though, with this stellar lineup, who they chose as the headliner.

Here's the list of bands.
Papa Roach
Adelita's Way
Redlight King
In This Moment
Thousand Foot Krutch
and more.

And the headliner? Shinedown.

Now Shinedown is a great band, don't get me wrong. But to have them headline over Godsmack or even Staind? Not my personal choice, but the show is going to kick some ass no matter what! Here's the video intro for the tour. AND WATCH VERY CLOSELY TO THE PART WHERE IT SHOWS STAIND ON STAGE. Anybody recognize that crowd? Yeah, it's the show in Lubbock many of us were at.

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