After three tries, we got our show.

Yes, this was last Thursday, and especially after a holiday weekend it almost seems like a lifetime ago, but I can't let that show pass without special recognition.

I knew something was up with this show when the merch line would just not go down. Seriously, you had to go around the merch line the entire night until In This Moment hit the stage. With that kind of fan loyalty and passion, it's no wonder the concert energy was electric.

When the curtain finally dropped for the band and the lights and effects went off, I had one thought, and that was: "Female Slipknot." Yes, I'll get a lot of flak for that comment, but it was actually a better mix of elements than that. The show looked like the best elements of a Pink Floyd, Marilyn Manson and Slipknot show, remixed and overseen by a goddess.

I'm going to admit that In This Moment's theatrics left me cold back in the day. I often thought "what's all this dancing fairies stuff?" Well, they were just ramping up to what they wanted to be and they have arrived.

Maria Brink also showed herself to be the ultimate frontperson. In the past, it always seemed like she was holding a little of herself back, but she dropped all pretense after part of the power blew out. Instead of scurrying to the back or refusing to perform, Brink began engaging the audience and eventually led a sing-a-long to Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'." The band also deserves credit for keeping some background music going and for performing a killer Black Sabbath cover.

In short, we got to see things that few, if any, In This Moment fans get to see, and it was awesome.

In This Moment

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