Birthday Bash

Check Out Some Sizzlin’ Stills From the 40th FMX Birthday Bash
If you were wondering, the show was excellent!
The family got back together on Wednesday night for the 40th FMX Birthday Bash and you guys rocked. Twin Temple opened the show with their "Satanic Doo-wop," which shocked some people. (Hard to believe in 2021, but yeah...
Unboxing FMX’s New Birthday Bash & Local College Spot T-Shirts
Is it wrong that I still get excited when new FMX t-shirts arrive?
I have a friend that's a tattoo artist and he once told me that designs "look different in the skin." It's an incredible realization to have and a lesson to learn. You can take that lesson and apply it…
FMX to Debut Two New Shirts This September
You guys are the best fans a radio station could have.
We really do appreciate you showing us all the support over the years so we try to keep things special for you. This goes right down into the merchandise that we give away. (Maybe you've noticed we don't sell our stuff, though ask for a…
FMX's 39th Birthday Bash Is Back On
Not only is the show back on, but it's the exact lineup as before. You'll see In This Moment, Black Veil Brides, Ded and Raven Black live in Lubbock, Texas.
20 Bands That Might Play the 40th FMX Birthday Bash
One of these bands has been approached about playing the 40th FMX Birthday Bash.
One of these bands is definitely coming to town. Whether it's the 40th FMX Birthday Bash* or not, only time will tell.
With the recent influx of bands hitting the road, we might end up confirming with someone else...

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