Korn certainly knows how to do an encore.

The "last" song of the night was Korn's rowdiest offering, "Y'all Want a Single." I certainly sang along, and loud. All y'all did, too. If they had ended everything there, it would have been a short, but really satisfying set. But Korn said, 'f**k that, f**k that.'

After a brief pause, Korn returned to the stage. Jonathan Davis reappeared with bagpipes. I always forget how big bagpipes are, but having Davis there for scale has cemented it in my memory.

If you weren't at the show but know Korn, you can use the power of deduction to infer that the first encore song was "Shoots and Ladders." Korn then followed with arguably the most quintessentially Korn song ever, "Twist." No other band on the planet could pull that off.

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The final song of the night was "Freak on a Leash," a song that's such an integral part of the identity of Korn, Korn fans, and I'd argue 94.5 FMX. If you asked me to name five songs that are the backbone of my beloved radio station, "Freak on a Leash" would absolutely make an appearance. Speaking of making appearances...

It was an absolute delight to see Evanescence's Amy Lee on stage singing an accompaniment to Davis.

Thanks to the miracle of YouTube, you can relive the whole thing. It's not the highest quality sound or display, but it's not like a professional was there shooting the concert. Personally, I did not record any video as I really like to live concerts in the moment. But it's nice to have this artifact to look back on.

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