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Magic happened in Lubbock last night.

Thousands of believers came together and contributed their amazing passion into one mass of powerful energy, and that energy exploded into a thousand-fold joy.

Seriously, I saw one guy laying down on the arena floor making streamer angels. It was that kind of night.

I didn't know a crowd that massive could be that... positive. I'm still high off the good vibes. I still feel all the hugs I received. I'm still smiling back at all the smiles. I still feel like dancing, in spite of being exhausted today. You all looked so cool and beautiful, by the way.

The show itself was absolutely stellar. The special effects, the lighting, and the sound were all technically and artistically perfect. It was a great show no matter where you stood or sat. I continue to be really impressed with United Supermarkets Arena.

Both Korn and Evanescence gave their all. They gave us as much as they would have given an Albuquerque or a Dallas crowd. They gave Lubbock their love, and we gave it back, back, back.

Scrolling through social media today has been such a pleasure. Seeing how happy y'all were while we were together absolutely makes my day, and I thank you for that. Thank you for all the lovely pictures of the bands, but the pictures of you are my favorite.

If you missed the 41st FMX Birthday Bash, don't despair. There's still many incredible shows lined up for Lubbock this concert season. Tesla, A Day to Remember, Halestorm, Trinity of Terror, Tacos & Tequila Music Fest and more. Let's bring that positive energy to every single one and make Lubbock the most magical city in the world.

Seriously, thank you for last night. I love you so much.

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