You're going to want one of these.

How You Should Work With Artists

Once again, I told the folks at Advanced Graphix to take this design in whatever direction they felt like, and, once again, they completely delivered. I've found from tattoos to print, if you let artists do their thing with minimal input they'll always surprise you with something special.

There Will Be Some Shirts Out There

We will still be passing along/throwing out some of those "Twice Is Nice" FMX Birthday Bash tees. We held some of these back after the pandemic so rudely interrupted our good time. Which one you get, depends on how you get it.

How You Get One

Starting Monday, we're bringing back an old friend, The FMX TicketMonster. It's been about three years and he's quite chuffed to be back in the game. This time around if you hear the FMX TicketMonster, it's worth two tickets to KoRn and one of these Birthday Bash tees (available in L, XL, XXL, and XXXL while supplies last).

Here's what the TicketMonster sounds like:

More Ways to Win

We'll have some of these to throw out at or after the shows. We may also pass along some of these Kool KoRn BashPacks live on location somewhere near you.

Just Show the Shirt Already

Are you ready for the big reveal? Once again, I love how the artist picked up on the event and the spirit of the time when these two shows are happening. Here you go:

Advanced Graphix
Advanced Graphix

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