Something nearly slipped past our radar.

I fully expected that we'd have trolls on our website saying, "if there's no pit, then I'm not going." That never materialized because there is a pit for this show.

We never even assumed for one minute that this would be allowed at United Supermarkets Arena because, to my knowledge, it really hasn't happened before. It's also for that reason (and one other big one) that we didn't even ask.

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Now let's backtrack. We all know Metallica played in the round not once, but twice. While there were open areas, with everyone spread out, there still wasn't really a focused pit. Now, whether some other type of show (I believe Kane Brown) had a portion of an open floor is kind of irrelevant to this discussion, because when I say "pit," I don't just mean a place to stand; I mean a place for serious metalheads to throw down.



Regardless of whether this is the first, fourth or fiftieth time, a huge thanks goes out to United Supermarkets Arena for recognizing that this is a part of the live experience that some Korn fans want. At this point, I personally like to chill in the seats.

We're honored to have Korn, Evanescence, Palaye Royale and Dana Dentata coming to the Hub City. We realize that the scale of this concert took people even more by surprise than usual. We have a long way to go to fill up all those seats in United Supermarkets Arena, so you have time to save up a few bucks and still grab up some good seats or possibly some pit tickets.

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