I've compiled a list of frequently asked questions ahead of today's 41st FMX Birthday Bash presale. These are all real questions that have been asked and are generally asked when bands come to town.

Where can I get tickets?

Right here. Use the codeword Purple. This presale runs from 10 a.m. CT on May 18th through May 19th at 10 p.m. CT.

Why the early start?

The spec tickets we saw said 4:30 p.m. doors, 5:30 p.m. show. We assume this is so that band(s) can get a couple of hours head start on their next destination, which is Salt Lake City, Utah. We will let you know if these times change.

Can I get tickets at Ralph's Records?

Unfortunately no. Right now the remote locations for Select-a-Seat are not working. They're being updated and should be available for the next show. Not having this capability caused ticket sales to be bounced over to here.

Can I trade my other tickets for tickets to this show?

Sorry, but this is a Live Nation event and they're not responsible for any shows but their own. Each show is its own ecosystem.

Are you going to be giving away tickets?

Yes, lots! In fact, you can enter to win some right now. We've also set back a pair of front row tickets to give away at a later date.

Can I propose to my fiance at the show?

Well, not on stage, but I guess you can do whatever you want by the watercooler.

Can you get me backstage?

Sorry, you're not that good-looking. (Haha, sorry, I had to throw that in there.)

Can I meet Amy Lee? Can I meet Korn?

Generally, those questions and answers are part of artists' fan clubs and/or require a special purchase. There does seem to be some artist VIP packages, but you're going to have to dig through them here to see what fits for you.

Will you have cool FMX Birthday Bash swag?

Yes, of course. We won't add to the merch chaos inside the United Supermarkets Arena, but we may give some away in advance of the show and possibly after the show lets out. One note: we do not want to eat into the shows merch sales, so if you want a shirt that says "Korn" or "Evanescence" on it, buy one at the show. Ours will only say, "41st FMX Birthday Bash."

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