This one has really had everyone in Lubbock on the edge of their seats for a few months. Apparently, Aloha BBQ Grill is no longer permanently closed.

According to Google, it looks like all of your favorite Hawaiian BBQ will now be available Tuesday through Sunday starting at 11 a.m. We even called them this morning and the voice recording said they're opening today. This is a good thing. It might be the best news I've had this year, especially since I have given up carbs for the new year. Sigh...

It also appears that you can now order from GrubHub, too. I don't know if that was available before. It seems like something I would have lazily taken advantage of for a few extra dollars just so I could stay on my couch in my jam-jams.

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So, get excited Lubbock! We've all cried and prayed for a miracle and it looks like the restaurant has risen from the grave to live another day. Here's to hoping that this isn't all just some big misunderstanding. I'm getting tired of writing articles about whether or not they are truly coming back, and I'd really, really like for this to be the last one.

Get out there and get you some of that delicious Hawaiian-style BBQ. I hear that BBQ mixed plate calling my name, but I'm a little bit bummed that I'll have to give up the macaroni salad this time around. Gotta keep my carbs in check so I can rock a bikini this summer or just fit into my jeans slightly better. A girl can dream!

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