The world did not end and I would say it's very likely that it will not anytime soon. I'm not going to question anyone's beliefs, nor do I want to discuss something so sensitive over the internet. All I want to ask you is, what now? Read more after the jump.

So how did you spend the supposed last day? Did you lean anything from this false end? Did you party? Did you make the best of the day "just in case"? Even in the very back back of your mind, did you question the life you've led?


My personal belief is the quality of life you lead is measured in how you treat others. Measured by whom? Well, mostly by you. Good things happen to good people whether the universe or the hand of God are involved or not. I think it's that simple.

I certainly think going out and enjoying your friends company and vice/versa qualifies, probably not as much as helping somebody through some hard times, but it still qualifies. I think you'll get greater satisfaction helping others, but I still believe that some people are a "light in the world" just by being.

Now that I have you "fished in" a little bit, I'm asking you to do something dramatic. Most people go through their life afraid to make "big moves". You can be a leader in your social or work group. You can organize and turn your friends or families into an army. You can then use that army to create positive change in this world.

For example, we had a group of about 20 people from our haunted houses head out to a local animal shelter this past weekend. In just two hours we were able to repair a dozen dog kennels, paint a mini barn and some other spaces, helped build some workspaces, washed and walked some dogs and puppies, and cleaned and tidies a bunch of cages. All of this was not my idea, but the idea of of one of the Nightmare kids. Once again, we were able to make a MAJOR difference at this shelter in TWO hours.

My question is, why don't you speak up? You've got a heart. You've got some friends. Someone you know or something you love could use some help. You don't have to have cash. Your time and skills could make a big difference in just a couple hours. You might even pick up some skills.

Believe it or not, all of this does make a giant difference in the quality of your life and in the quality of the lives around you. You will be happier, more content and more satisfied. With all do respect to whatever you do or don't worship, just words rarely make a difference, your actions speak much louder.

I have always thought that rock listeners were more giving and more loving that any other group. I don't know what it is, but you guys turn our when asked. Now I'm asking you, to do it for yourself. You'll be happier, more fulfilled and the whole prospect of the "end of the world scenarios" will have counted for something.

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