There are horrible things happening in Syria.  People are being killed an imprisoned by the government.  Across the world people are wondering if world powers should step in.  It may be a little less violent, but the same thing happens every day in America.

The U.S. declared war on it's own people a while back.  Sure they called it a "drug war", but the 'drugs' didn't go to prison, didn't have their property seized, didn't get killed in shady alleyway deals or get threatened on a daily basis.  It's people who are busted for ingesting a naturally growing substance.  Wanna know who's being arrested?  Pretty much everybody.  Between 1996 and 2010, there were 10.1 million people arrested for possession.  This doesn't account for arrests for sales and distribution (about 1.4 million).  Now, the 10.1 million people are the schmo's.  You could say it's mostly regular folk who aren't shooting up the town or doing other dirty deeds.  If, there are dirty deed doers, they could come out of that 1.4 million that are trafficking.  So we have over ten million that just want their smoke and a million and a half criminals that could be put out of business by legalizing weed.  There's also tax and environmental benefits to legalization as well.

So, it may seem a little ridiculous, but who are we to say another country can't wage war on it's own people when we do it here every day.

Here's some more facts about the U.S. Drug war if you care to learn more.