It's hard to write a serious game preview article when Texas Tech is lining up against an FCS school on Saturday.

If the game is close, then everything's gone wrong and the Red Raiders will probably be going 4-8 again, like when Central Arkansas stayed close back in 2014. I don't see that happening. In fact, I'd bet it'll be closer to the last time the team played Stephen F. Austin, with Patrick Mahomes and company put up 56 while holding SFA to 17.

Just to make it different, I'll say 52-13 on Saturday against Stephen F. Austin. There -- there's your game preview.

As far as what needs to be done on Saturday, Coach Wells said the team would be focusing on self-improvement. There are certain things Texas Tech can improve upon. The offensive line looked suspect at times against the Houston Cougars. I think a lot of that can be improved upon by gelling as a unit and communication -- both during the play and pre-snap.

I also think the defensive line needs to be able to get consistent pressure if defensive Keith Patterson is relying on them to get to the QB. I hate the three-man rush as much as the next guy, but only when it doesn't work. If three men can do the job of four or five, then your defense gets even better on the back end.

The third thing that needs to be improved on Saturday is the atmosphere.

Last year was an anomaly as far as attendance goes. The COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, and the team is ready to see fans in the stands on Saturday. Star receiver Erik Ezukanma is already reaching out to the fans on Twitter:

Linebacker Colin Schooler talked about how loud it got last year with just 25 percent of fans and surmised it would get pretty loud with a full house:

The hashtag #packthejones has been circulating on social media, with basketball coach Barret Peery getting in on the action via his active Twitter account:

So to recap: dominate the trenches and pack The Jones. If those are accomplished, the Red Raiders will be winning a blowout. That sounds easy enough, right?

Shaq Diesel will be outside the stadium getting the crowd warmed up beforehand. Then, hopefully, the team will keep fans entertained inside The Jones.

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