How unique is your dog's name? What about your new baby?

Some of us try to give our pets and our babies a special name that nobody else uses, but unfortunately, humans aren't very creative! We all sort of have the same ideas when it comes to naming pets and kids, even if we are trying to be different.

Let's find out how unique the names are that you've chosen for your little lovey dovies!

We'll start with dogs! Check out the top 50 dog names in Texas for 2023 and see if your pup is on the list.

Top 50 Most Popular Dog Names In 2023 In Texas

Do you see your pup's name on there?

Gallery Credit: Chrissy

Did you find your pooch? No matter the name, I'm sure they are the goodest boy or girl in the world! Give them a little scritch-scratch for me, and then keep scrolling to find out the most popular baby names for 2023 in the galleries below!

Little ladies first! Here are the top baby girl names in Texas for 2023:

The 10 Most Popular Baby Girl Names In Texas For 2023

Need inspiration?

Gallery Credit: Chrissy

Now, let's move on to the boys!

The 10 Most Popular Baby Boy Names In Texas For 2023

These are pretty adorable.

Gallery Credit: Chrissy

Did you find your kiddos on there? What do you think about the most popular baby names in Texas this year? I'd love to hear from you. Be sure to comment below this article wherever you find it, and tell me your favorite and least favorite names on the list!

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