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If you're into fun and unique experiences, enjoy going to bars and are willing to travel, you have to check out this Dallas bar.

Federales is a chain with a location in Deep Ellum. It's known for a unique drinking game that guests can participate in. You can order a shot in a shot glass made of ice, you take the shot, and you get a chance to throw the ice shot glass at a big metal bell, trying to get it to ring.

Whoever originally came up with this is one smart person because you know so many people will just keep ordering shots until they manage to ring the bell. The comments on a TikTok from Kayley Clements showing off the Texas bar confirms that point.

@purplepanda_19 said, "the way this would have me hammered because not hitting the bell simply wouldn’t be an option, but I have horrible aim."

You could absolutely take this one step further with a group of friends by giving everyone a chance to hit the bell. The person who misses the worst has to take another shot and redeem themselves.

Even if you aren't a big drinker, experiences like this are fun to check out. Having a unique thing about your bar helps you stand out from the crowd and can bring more people into your establishment. It can even make it worth traveling for if you reach the right audience.

Check out this TikTok featuring the bar, along with a few attempts at hitting the bell.

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