Lubbock is Toadies country! We've been fans of the band since before their breakthrough album Rubberneck. I'd venture to say that the good people of West Texas thought that Toadies were the Lone Star State's answer to Nirvana -- and a damn fine one, too!

Toadies continue to deliver, and if you haven't picked up a copy of their latest album Heretics, you should. The band re-imagined some of their classics and it's super cool.

The Heretics Tour was mostly acoustic, and this appears to be the full-on Toadies show. If you've seen the guys as of late you know they haven't slowed down and they keep bangin' it on the road. The last time the band hit the Hub City was last summer's Summerland Tour, which also featured American Hi-Fi, Fuel and headliner Everclear. If you were there, you know it was a great time.

Once again, the date for the show is Wednesday, June 8 at Jake's Backroom. Tickets go on sale this Friday at Ralph's Records and online at