South Plains SPCA has taken in a severely neglected dog. The description and photos of the dog are heartbreaking and may be distressing for some folks to see/ read about. If you don't want to go any further but would like to help with the medical care of this animal, "you can call Ark Hospital for Pets between 7:00 am - 1 pm to donate (806-745-2955)."

Past this censored image I will discuss the dog's state and there will be pictures. 

South Plains SPCA on Facebook, with edits
South Plains SPCA on Facebook, with edits

According to a Facebook post, South Plains SPCA took in a small breed dog on Saturday that they have described as, "the worst case of dog neglect we have ever encountered." The animal, which could be any number of small breeds that requires grooming (it's really hard to tell what it should look like) has severely matted fur that is full of goat head stickers. The matting is so bad that it has grown into the animal's skin. SPCA was able to cut the dog's collar out in chunks as it was matted into the neck fur of the dog.

Because of the extremely deteriorated and filthy nature of this dog's coat, the dog has rotten spots on its skin.  Hair mats are much worse than just a "bad look"- these are all the problems that can arise from even mild mats. According to the ASPCA:

  • mats can cause skin irritation and progress to infected lesions.  A wound left unattended can accumulate maggots.
  • Fleas and ticks can live deep in the hair mat—out of the owner’s sight—and infest the animal.
  • Mats around the hind end can cause an accumulation of feces and in severe cases impede defecation.
  • More severe hair mats can cause strangulating wounds, most often seen on an animal’s limb. The mat can grow around the leg in a circumferential fashion causing blood supply to be cut off.  In severe but reversible cases, the mat cuts into and sometimes through the skin which can be surgically and medically treated over a long period of time typically weeks to months.  In severe but irreversible cases, the mat can cut down to the bone and /or become so tight that blood supply is cut off on that limb requiring amputation.

Now that you know this, I am going to show pictures and a description of the dog. I am so sorry for this poor animal. Here's SPCA's heartbreaking Facebook post:

Sedation will be required to allow experts to remove the mats, otherwise, it would be much too painful for the dog. The dog will need medications to help with their sores and rotten spots. In other words, it's going to be an expensive and time-consuming process to help this animal- but this animal deserves a new chance at a life without severe neglect and pain.

If you have a little extra and would like to help this baby, please do. Even a few dollars can really add up if enough people pitch in.

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