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I am ashamed of myself for just discovering that Two Docs Brewery (502 Texas Ave) is hosting an ongoing series "Sips & Succulents" because as a Millenial, this was clearly designed as a salve for my very soul. Here are the details from Two Docs website:

We’re proud to announce the monthly event of “Sips & Succulents!” Come out and learn all about succulents with CASP Artist - Peter Keltz. Tickets are LIMITED so order fast! What’s included in the ticket?

  • Flight of beer (4 - 5 oz. beers of your choice) or a Pint (16 oz. beer of your choice)

  • Plant Supplies (including succulent, soil and potter)

  • Succulent Instruction (provided by Peter Keltz)

Depending on weather, this will be an outside event and masks are required while walking around and not at your table or group in accordance with State and Local guidelines.

With tickets at only $20 per person, that's a lot of value and fun for your buck. And while I'm super sad I missed the March event, this will be an ongoing Tuesday night event, which is something I absolutely love for Lubbock- a reliably fun thing to do during the week.

If you've never been to Two Docs, you're missing out on one of the best patio experiences in Lubbock. You are surrounded by the charm of beautiful downtown Lubbock and usually accompanied by food trucks and live music. The Chilton Gose is a must-try Lubbock beer, especially in the warmer weather. It's a lovely place, and I'm so grateful that the best of Lubbock is re-emerging from the void that was 2020.

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