Well, would you look at that? Yet another sighting of Bigfoot, this time carrying what appears to be an infant or possibly a deer, and he is just as blurry as ever! That rascal! How does he do it?!

A new video was shared by the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization obtained by a man that happened to snag a quick video while out kayaking on the Cass River in Michigan. The video is slowed down several times so that viewers may decide for themselves just exactly what they are looking at.

It looks to me like some kind of figure in brown, carrying something, while wading through the water. Whether or not it's brown fur or a brown outfit is beyond me, but from the looks of it, whatever is out there in the water is holding something. Does Bigfoot have a baby? Is it named Littlefoot?

Sorry...I couldn't help it.

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Nobody on the face of the planet has ever been able to get a good photo of that sneaky old sasquatch, but given our past, I'm betting that we continue to hunt for that furry man-beast for decades to come. He's been spotted all over the country, from Washington to California, to Pennsylvania. Bigfoot is a very busy man. Given his popularity, I wonder if he flies coach or first class...

He seems pretty humble. I'll go with the latter.

Got any crazy Bigfoot photos you think are real? I'd love to see them. Comment below or on our Facebook page if you think you've seen Bigfoot.

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