Every time I see a video of someone yelling obscenities at a complete stranger in the middle of a store, I just feel really bad for them.

I feel sad that they weren't raised with any manners. I feel sad for whatever has happened in their day or in their life to make them act out in such a way. I feel sad for many things, but I don't feel sad for them being blasted across the internet and mercilessly shamed, so let's just keep on doing that.

Today, we'll examine a man at a Lowe's store that thought it was somehow socially acceptable and normal to call a black trans employee a “freak” after simply being asked if he was doing alright and if he needed any assistance in the store. WTF?

I feel a special kind of embarrassment for people when I see them behaving in this manner.

One time I was at a Walmart and the woman in line in front of me was screaming at the top of her lungs at a trans teenager, calling him all sorts of names, and I just snapped. I took care of the situation and told her she was being a child and that she needed to move along. She was floored that I'd even stop her and was immediately apologetic and embarrassed, blaming it all on her bad day. It's like she suddenly remembered she wasn't an animal and that other people were in fact watching.

This video is just another example of a human being trying to do their best to get through their job and their day, only to be viciously and verbally attacked for no reason. It's not cool and it needs to stop. If you ever see something like this happen, please say something.

Check out the video below:

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