Well, this is a great way to piss off a new mom!  TikToker @ahs_r_tay shared a video of the moments they realized a nurse accidentally brought them the wrong newborn baby. The fresh little baby is wheeled into the hospital room by the nurse, and then immediately wheeled back out. The new mom's face really says it all... WTF?!

Luckily, the new parents recognized right off the bat that the baby was not theirs. The Baltimore Sun reported that approximately 28,000 out of every 4 million babies per year are accidentally switched at birth, whether temporarily or sometimes, even permanently. That means that there is 1 mistake for everyone 1,000 babies! Oh boy... Ever thought your kid didn't look like you at all? Might want to have that checked out...

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I also found some other interesting facts about being switched at birth that you might find slightly alarming. Babies are switched an average of 6 times over the course of a two-day stay at the hospital. Hospitals try to keep this from happening by using bracelets for identification, as well as encouraging bonding between the baby and parents so that the newborn is easily recognizable. Also, new bracelets are being developed that will actually alert staff to the mismatch, in the event that it occurs.

What would you do if you realized that you had the wrong baby, years after the fact? That question really makes me think. For starters, you've already bonded with the child. Would you just keep the one you got? Or demand yours be returned? Woof. I have NO IDEA what I'd do...

Just a little something to keep new moms awake at night!

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