Oh, the Karens -- or in this case, the 'Kara.'

Kara Bell, a Lake Travis ISD school board candidate, had an absolute meltdown at a Nordstrom Rack in Austin that ended up in handcuffs, all because she couldn't seem to wear a mask.


This might not bode well in her upcoming election. It's already resulted in her receiving an assault citation, according to KVUE.

Bell went into the store to do a little shopping, but decided that even though there are clearly signs on the door pertaining to the store's COVID-19 mask policy, she doesn't have to follow the rules. Why? Who knows. I guess she thinks she is special. But it turns out she isn't.

She screamed and yelled at the police like a big whiny baby and stepped toward them at one point. She was immediately taken down and detained. That was probably the highlight of the video. Her not talking anymore.

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She even told them "I'm a woman of God!" Who cares, lady? That doesn't have anything to do with anything. Furthermore, some of us wonder exactly which God you are talking about and likely never behaved that way in Sunday school.

I don't understand why this keeps happening or why someone would feel the need to be physical with employees trying to enforce store policies they have no control over. It's simply extreme entitlement.

Obnoxious, uncalled for and totally preventable. Just wear your damn mask! You can breathe through it, I promise. I run at the gym in one. There is no excuse for this crap well over a year into the pandemic, and you'd think after all of the Karens the are exposed daily on social media by cell phone footage that it would have ceased by now. But no.

A big shout out to the police for remaining calm while she lost her dang mind over a piece of cloth that could help to prevent a deadly disease. Also, shout out to the employees across the country that have to deal with terrible behavior from people like this. You guys are the real MVPs.


Badasses in Facemasks


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