If Texas politics have really been getting you down lately, then it might be a good time to check out Raider's Axe Gallery and release some of that bad juju. There isn't really anywhere else in town that offers the same kind of experience you'll get there. If you've never been, it's an ax-throwing range...and then some.

It's BYOB at Raider's Axe, and nothing goes better with hurling objects at the wall than booze...at least that's what my ex always said. You can choose from over 70 different throwing weapons and do a little target practice or they always have their "Cage of Rage," a room where you can destroy an array of objects and really get your blood pumping. They have big-screen TVs to old computers and everything in between to smash. It's also a great place to donate old electronics that don't work anymore. If you have a cruddy printer that always gave you problems, chances are someone would love to destroy it for you.

This is sort of a niche business in Lubbock, and as such a lot of people in town haven't discovered just how much fun can be had there. They also put on a lot of live music performances and comedy shows and are a big part of Lubbock's First Friday Art Trail.

It's definitely worth grabbing up all of your friends and your favorite booze and heading downtown for some fun. Check out this recent TikTok by @lubbockentertainment showcasing Raider's Axe Gallery:

If you're already a big fan, send us photos of your destruction. We'd love to make a gallery of them. A Raider's Axe Gallery, if you will. You can submit them to our Facebook page.

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