Some of you will know by the photo alone that this restaurant takes the cake in Lubbock for the best food ever.

You may have to wait over an hour to get your food. They may be out of some of the menu items. They may not have the greatest customer service known to mankind. The overall ambiance and dining area seating might be more than lacking. But Lordy they have got some damn good food and if you've never been you are absolutely missing out.

I've written so many articles about them at this point that I might be responsible for the fact that the place is absolutely booming from open to close. You guys are welcome!

Also, I'm sorry to anyone in the kitchen who is sweating their butts off trying to keep up. There's always a huge line when you head there to eat even if you go at 3 in the afternoon. I happened to catch this video right before a massive line came through, and even though it looks like I'm pretty much alone I waited 45 minutes for my food...

...and I didn't even mind! Not at all.

It's completely worth it. If you've only been once, or you somehow had a bad experience, or if you didn't plan on waiting that long, then do yourself a favor and give it another try. My god, how on earth can food be this good?


The prices may have doubled over the last year, but you know what? It didn't keep me from ordering. I'd probably use my mouth like a vacuum cleaner and take care of the kitchen floor back there if nobody was watching.

Were you able to guess where I am? Do you love it as much as I do? Tell me in the comments on our Facebook page and share this article with your buddies to see if they know where I am based on the photo.

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