The worst thing a person could possibly do, directly after doing a good deed, is to go and tell everyone about it. It's almost as if you have completely negated the nice thing you've done for someone by bragging about it. Yet, this has become a popular practice on the internet, especially on TikTok.

There are millions of videos of people handing out money to homeless folks, buying them expensive clothes, and even taking them to DisneyWorld on a whim. They get tons of views and likes on social media and some people do nothing but 'good deeds' online for attention and their 5 minutes of fame.

I'm all for everyone helping one another, but some of the videos just don't sit right with you. You start wondering what someone's intentions truly are. Nobody likes a show-off.

A TikToker went viral for buying a dog from a homeless man so that it could have a better life with her. She got a ton of attention from everyone who watched her video, telling her just how wonderful she was. How selfless! Give a dog a better life!? She's so amazing for taking that poor dog off of the streets! Right?...


It's alleged that the woman gave the dog up not long after the video when someone came across it for adoption on PetFinder. Check out what they discovered below:

I honestly feel the worst for the dog's homeless owner. They probably desperately needed money and thought their furry friend would have a better life elsewhere. I hope that they can somehow be reunited with one another. Most homeless people with four-legged companions do their best to feed their little buddies before they even feed themselves. All they have is one another. Not only did she buy this person's only friend, but she also gave them up like they were nothing.

This is just messed up from every angle and should be a reminder to everyone out there that good deeds don't need to be broadcast for the world to see, especially when they are honestly just fake as hell. Ugh.

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