Move over Mickey Mouse it looks like vampires have decided Florida is preferable to Transylvania.When 69 year old Melton Ellis met 22 year old Josephine Smith in the rain near a vacant restaurantin St. Petersburg, Florida I can almost guarantee the thought that he would be on her dinner menu never crossed his mind.

However according to a police report though that is exactly what happened. Ellis told police he and Smith met in the rain and both went under the porch of the restaurant to stay dry.

 Ellis said he fell asleep and when he woke up he found Smith on top of him. According to the report she then told Ellis she was a vampire and that she was going to eat him and then she began biting him.

Fortunately for Ellis he was able to escape and contact police who later found smith half naked and bloody..... why is it that when you hear about crazy *hit like this it always seems to be in Florida???

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