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A post has been going viral around social media about Lubbockites getting Post-It notes stuck to their cars. The warning/fear is that this could be a sex trafficking ploy.

While I'm all for an abundance of caution, it turns out these Post-Its are just very low-cost marketing for a legitimate hail dent removal service, according to Everything Lubbock.

The site wrote the following after speaking to a spokesperson at the Texas Department of Public Safety:

A spokesperson for the Texas Department of Public Safety said on Wednesday that social media posts claiming post-it notes left on various cars throughout Lubbock were from a hail damage repair company, not sex trafficking ploys.

The spokesperson said DPS, the Lubbock Police Department and the Criminal Investigations Division all looked into the matter and found that the numbers were, in fact, from a legitimate hail damage repair company.

Here's a screenshot of the original Facebook post about the post-it notes:


My takeaway from this: how cool is it that our newspaper, the DPS, the Lubbock Police Department, and the CID all took this concern seriously and all investigated it? I appreciate my safety as a lady person being taken seriously.

Here are some really great tips for staying safe in parking lots. Be safe out there!

Lubbock Hailstorm (May 20th, 2020)



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