Do you completely unpack your clothes and put them in the dresser at hotels? I've done it a few times when I had an extended stay, and I've never given it a second thought until today. Supposedly, it's bad news bears...

Popular TikTok creator and healthcare professional Dr. Jason Singh posted a slightly disturbing video yesterday that quickly went viral and details why you should avoid using hotel dressers and instead utilize hotel closets or leave your clothes in your bag altogether.

Check it out below:

What do you think about what he has to say?

I have mixed feelings. I mean, if you're comfortable with sleeping in a hotel bed that could be infested with bed bugs what difference does it really make where you put your clothes? You could take bed bugs back home with you either way...

But, as an extra preventative measure, it might be a good idea to listen to the doctor.

He makes a good point about how infrequently hotel dressers are cleaned. Your bedding is (hopefully) getting a much more thorough scrub-down than the dresser drawers. Now that I think about it, I did find an empty Coke can and a half-eaten bag of Funyuns in the drawer at a hotel once. Ick.

Do you think you'll stop using the dressers in hotels after this warning? Let me know in a comment on this article, and keep scrolling for some other interesting stuff in the galleries below...

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