Folks who aren't from around here probably think of tumbleweeds as solitary, lonely things that blow by abandoned or quiet places. It's a troupe in cartoons, as seen in The Simpsons and South Park, for instance.

South Park Meme
South Park Meme

However, if you're a West Texas native, you know that tumbleweeds are far from loners- they are big bullies that roam the streets in obnoxious gangs. Some of them get monstrous in size- I have a friend who couldn't avoid a particularly large one while driving and the dang thing went through his windshield. It had hit the glass stem first. Luckily he was okay even though his windshield had to be replaced.

Another friend of mine recently took a video of the tumbleweeds that had accumulated in her alley in West Lubbock. It's completely insane how many there are:

[video width="368" height="640" mp4=""][/video]

And as we all know, tumbleweeds are pokey, itchy things. They were, after all, once the real State Flower of Texas. Removing them is unpleasant.

Weirdly, tumbleweeds may hold some value. this Country Decor website asks for up to $150 for a tumbleweed.  My friend may have a pile of wealth right there. Although, tumbleweeds do, in fact, tumble around, becoming greyed with soil and full of trash.

Okay, it's official, tumbleweeds are not cute, they are gross. Although I did decorate one for Christmas one year (as this is the season for them). I was very, very broke. Even the ornaments were "sourced" shall we say- duck feathers, clumps of red berries (those may have been poisonous), and some of that dried fluffy grass. It was beautiful in its own way, I guess.

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