Pope Francis was caught on camera slapping at a woman's hand after she grabbed him and pulled him toward her during a Nativity Scene event in Vatican City on the last day of 2019.

Watch the incident below:

The 83-year-old Pope Francis has since apologized for the slap at the hand of the woman. "We often lose patience. So do I. And I apologize for yesterday's bad example," said the pontiff while giving his New Year message.

In the message, he spoke out against violence towards women. "Every form of violence inflicted upon a woman is a blasphemy against God, who was born of a woman. Humanity’s salvation came forth from the body of a woman: we can understand our degree of humanity by how we treat a woman’s body," he said.

On Thursday, January 2nd, 2020, Pope Francis' Twitter account shared a video inviting others to spread a message of goodwill.

I hope that this year will be one that can be summed up at the end with the word "forgiveness." I'm not suggesting that all violations against people should be forgotten or overlooked, but I do think that this year we can all learn to be more forgiving of others and their mistakes as humans.

After all, if The Pope doesn't deserve forgiveness, what does that say about for the rest of humanity?

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