Ahh, yes...Lubbock, Texas.

Nothing quite like the smell of cow poo in the morning and the wind whipping dirt into your teeth. It's a hard life, but someone has to live it, and we might as well make a little fun of it while we're here.

TikTok @ashlynjooo
TikTok @ashlynjooo

A few local girls hopped on a recent TikTok trend and shared a pretty funny video that has been going viral. If you're a Lubbock girl, chances are, you will find it relatable.

Check it out below:

They pretty much hit the nail on the hammer with this one. Here are some of the comments below the video that I found pretty entertaining:

"Lubbock: Because even Amarillo deserves someplace to look down on."

"But why didn't anyone say POWERRRRR?"

"Lubbock is a desolate hellscape with a university."

"So, I shouldn't move to Lubbock?"

"How is Lubbock so big with literally nothing to do?"

"Lubbock: Because an entire town needs its own rash named after it."

"I haven't been to Lubbock since 93, I see it still looks like sh*t."

"Dead. I LIVED at J&B. Lubbock was an amazing schooltown. Miss it!"

"Lubbock girls have the best haboobs."

Alright, that's enough of that. We love you, Lubbock, even if you bore the pants off of us. We wouldn't change you for the world! Well, I mean...we might change a few things...BUT...that's beside the point...

Do you have a funny Lubbock TikTok that you'd like to share with me for the chance to be featured in a local article? Feel free to email me at Chrissy.Covington@townsquaremedia.com!

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