There's no doubt about it: Texas is booming. People from all over America are flocking to the Lone Star State -- for jobs, for land and presumably because we're just the nicest, coolest and best looking people on the planet, right? used several different metrics to determine city growth. Not just population, but also job growth, income growth and even some fancy stuff like Venture Capital Investment Amount.

Texas is all over the list, and the number one spot went to a Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex suburb of Frisco. In fact, Texas took four of the Top 10 spots.

Coming in at no. 5 is a much closer city. Midland is absolutely slaying it in terms of growth. Most Lubbockites know that Midland is a boom-and-bust sort of economy that's heavily reliant on the oil business. But the data all proves that it's way more boom than bust.

Lubbock is taking more of a tortoise than hare approach, ranking at no. 254 in terms of growth. But there's no doubt that Lubbock is growing and growing strong. I'm still pretty young, but there are absolutely busting parts of town that I remember as cotton fields when I was a kid. And I never once walked to school in the snow uphill both ways.

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