Congress went and passed the American Rescue Plan. That means that $1,400 checks are gonna start popping into people's bank accounts in as little as a few days from now.  Direct payments of $1,400 are going to every single taxpayer, and another $1,400 per dependent (with some exceptions). This means that a typical family of four will be getting $5,600.

Now you could just be a responsible person and put it all away in savings like the smart little chap the parents think you are, but let's be real. If I'm getting an extra $1,400 I'm gonna spend it on something.

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We've got a neat little gallery of stuff you can check out at the bottom of this post that's all under $5,600 that you can splurge on, should you choose to do so. Tempting, isn't it? Go on, spend a little! Stimulate the economy, or whatever.

Now, I'm just little ol' Luke. I live alone, am not married and currently have no one that's dependent on me, so $1,400 is all I'm getting. I've saved most of the other stimulus money so far, and I'll likely save with this one, too.

However, y'all may remember a few weeks ago we had that whole winter storm that decimated the state. Yeah, so a pipe burst in my apartment and flooded the whole place so I'm down a bit of cash from moving and replacing stuff that got all soaked. As you can imagine, I'm happy to take some of Papa Joe's money to recoup some losses.

On top of that, I really gotta get me a PlayStation 5. And yes it is important. The Final Fantasy 7 Remake DLC with Yuffie is only on PS5! I can't NOT get it! Look at her!!


Anyway, enough about me. I know not everyone's willing to spend their hard earned money on video games like I am, so let's get to some stuff that you might be more interested in.

Things A Family of 4 Can Buy When That Stimmy Hits

That $1,400 stimulus check is on the way, and whether or not you have a family and will make a whole lot, or live on your own, here are some neat things you can spend it on.

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