Inmates tend to get very little sympathy here in Texas, especially if you go off the comments that have been left on any article I've written to date about the folks who dwell within the Texas Corrections system.

And I get it. Many of the people behind bars, maybe even most of the people locked up, are there because they did something horrible, violent, perhaps even unforgivable. But then again, there are people on the inside for crimes that don't even exist in other states (Cannabis-related) or who are innocent of the crime for which they were convicted.

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Texas has come under fire for inhumane prison conditions, but is it as bad as some say? What is a typical day like in a Texas prison?

I compiled answers from friends of mine who are corrections officers, volunteers at prisons, and former inmates, along with information from r/excons and other sources to cobble together a picture of Texas life on the inside:

What Is A Day Like In Texas Prisons? A View From Both Sides Of The Bars

Have you ever wondered what life inside a Texas prison is really like? I asked friends who are correction officers and folks who have volunteered at jails. I also asked former inmates, and browsed forums and articles with current and former inmates. Put all together, it paints what I hope is a fairly accurate picture of daily prison life in Texas.

Gallery Credit: Renee Raven

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Texas Death Row currently only has seven women waiting to be executed. Here is a look at the shocking and brutal crimes they were convicted of that landed them in line for the needle.

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