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Making new friends as a grown adult is hard. Oftentimes here in Lubbock, it feels impossible, unless you're willing to go full barfly or accept that dubious invitation to what is almost certainly an MLM scam party. Trying new places that provide activities can be intimidating to go alone. What's the solution? It's not to give up!

Tracy Cole, a founding member of the very popular LBK Foodies Page, saw that ladies in Lubbock needed space to meet new friends outside of networking or "mom" groups.

There was a need. Personally, I was over transactional friends. I heard about something that was centered around my two favorite things - community and brunch! One three-hour phone call later Gals that Brunch Lubbock was born and debuted January 2023 and was received with open arms.

Gals That Brunch Lubbock
Gals That Brunch Lubbock

That's why she's applied her superhuman skills to organizing a Lubbock chapter of Gals That Brunch. Gals That Brunch is an international organization with locally run chapters.

Our mission is to create a positive, authentic and empowering atmosphere where women can connect with each other and find community within their city.

And while "Brunch" is in the name, and a primary social opportunity, there is already so much more to the Lubbock chapter of GTB than just food. GTB has already had events like a makeup class, permanent jewelry, golf at a diving range, paint lessons, book clubs, aerial dance and even ax-throwing. Now that's empowering! Every month there is multiple opportunities to meet your schedule and preferences.

GTB Lubbock has made local a huge focus as well- attending many locally-owned restaurants and venues with a large group of Gals. It has to be a nice boon for these businesses. And to make it easy on everyone, Brunch events are sold as inclusive tickets so there's no headache about splitting the check. GTB has also already made charitable donations to our Lubbock community as well.

Are you excited? Ready to brunch? Join the Facebook Group or head over to the Gals That Brunch website. Just be sure to RSVP your spot at events as soon as you know you want to go- they fill up fast!

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