As Texans, we have rights, and we have privileges. For instance, we have the right to use amazingly useful and creative words like "y'all'd've", and we have the privilege of enjoying the many wonderful amenities that Texas has to offer, like Six Flags in the summer or a Bucc-ee's sparkling bathroom on a long road trip.

I am not quite sure where "having a Whataburger" falls. Sure, I get that, literally speaking, it's a privilege, but it feels like a right. Am I right? I think I'm right.

Now imagine you live in the largest Texas town that does not have a Whataburger. How do you cope? Here's a hint: you don't. You get a Whataburger.

Flowermound, Texas has a population of nearly 78,000 Whataburger-less Texans, and that's tragic. Luckily, the Flower Mound Town Council approved commercial zoning that would allow for the construction of a Whataburger (and incidentally, a Slim Chickens and a Dutch Bros. which are both great options but, you know, not iconically Texan per se).

If you do a Google search for "Flower Mound Whataburger" it directs you to Highland Village, which is a 20-minute drive. That's entirely too far. No Texan should ever have to be that far from a chili-cheese double.

If you want to pay respect to the future site of this important new Whataburger, it will be located on the "west side of FM 2499, just south of Sagebrush Drive." Sweet. Although I do find it a little weird they are not going all out iconic orange, "the Whataburger restaurant will be mostly gray, with only a little bit of the chain’s trademark orange color."

Well, they could always change that later.

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