I don't believe in anything.  Nothing supernatural, nothing.  It does creep me out that 'celebrity' deaths seem to come in threes.  This week we lost a Beastie Boy, Goober from The Andy Griffith Show and now the Maurice Sendak, the author of "Where the Wild Things Are".  More after the jump.


USA Today is reporting that the author/illustrator passed away at the age of 83 due to complications from a stroke.  He was proceeded in death in 2007 by his partner of 50 years, Dr. Eugene Glynn. Sendak told an interviewer all he ever wanted was to 'be straight' so his parents could be happy.  Personally, I think a man who stays in a committed relationship for 50 years has something to be very proud of.  Mr. Sendak had that committed relationship, plus authored one of the most wonderful and most read childrens books in history.  I hope he understood the love parents and children  share when they read one of his books together.  I also hope that, if you haven't yet, you pick up a copy of this classic book for your children.

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