I just got to thinking about my music heroes and thought I'd put this out there.


So which guitar would be your ride or die? Let's keep in mind that we are not talking about Dimebag's original Lightning Bolt or Eddie Van Halen's handmade Frankenstein guitar. We are talking about guitars that you could actually own.

Dimebag's guitar seems to have some advantages to me. The extreme cutaways make it easy to access the highest registers. I'm also betting that it's outfitted with some nice state of the art electronics, in fact, you'll notice that it has two sets of pickups that you can select from and/or balance for different tones. Then again, at my age, I can't see myself picking up a guitar that looks like that, even if it plays better.

There's something about the knock-off of Eddie's Frankenstein that is a bit more comforting. Just looking at it from her I would think that it would have fuller, richer and maybe even thicker tones. It looks like you could get some mileage out of Eddie's rig even if you're the second or rhythm guitarist in a band. Then again, it almost seems like a sin for a normal to pick up a guitar with that design on it.

Well, it's now up to you ax-wielders, collectors, and others. Whether you'd play it or hang it on the wall, which of these guitars best represents you. Vote below.

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