With 21 bands and 13 hours of non stop music, The FMX Big Purple is loaded for all tastes in music. But who are you the most excited to see?

I have a lot bro's that will be playing The Purple Party and I am always stoked when they come to town. But there are 2 bands that I am really stoked to see live not only have I not seen them live but it 1 of them may surprise you.

My first pick Corrosion Of Conformity. Not only do we get the original lineup with Woody Weatherman on lead guitar, Mike Dean bass and vocals and finally Reed Mullin drums, we are talking old school cut throat rock and roll. C.O.C. will take the stage at 10:45 inside The Pavilion.I'm a little disappointed that Pepper Keenan is no longer in the group but that won't stop C.O.C. from putting on a great show regardless.

My next group that I am stoked to see is Oleander. A few weeks back I heard their new track entitled "Something Beautiful" and I was blown away. Oleander had a huge hit in 1999 with "Why I'm Here" and that's really the last I heard of them. But they are back with a killer track and I am very stoked to see them live. Oleander takes the stage in The Pavilion at 5:50 pm. I hope you check out both of these bands and get down with us on April 21st.

Let me know who you are most excited to see at The FMX Big Purple Party.