I am a huge fan of the band Oleander! I hope you already know who they are but if not I'm about to introduce you.

Oleander started in 1995 in Sacramento, California. Their name is derived from the poisonous wildflower oleander, which line the highways of Northern California. But that is just a wikipedia entry that only the most hardcore fans usually care about. I knew it, but I'm a hard core fan! All of this, though, means nothing if you haven't heard their music. To which I present to you my 2 favorites, "Why I'm Here" and "I Walk Alone" along with their current hit "Something Beautiful".

Oh, and by the way much thanks to Thomas who said in our interview, coming up on Monday morning on The RockShow at 8AM, FMX was the FIRST radio station anywhere to play the new single. Check out their Facebook:


So, yeah, we've been fans of this band for many years. In fact I got laid singing "I Walk Alone" to a girl one time. True story! So thanks guys! Oleander will play the FMX Big Purple Party April 21st so get your ass there!

Here's my favorite Oleander song "I Walk Alone".

Here's their first BIG hit "Why I'm Here" in mp3 version because I can't find the video.

And they did an awesome cover of The Cure's "Boys Don't Cry". Almost as good as the original. Not as good, but almost!

And of course, the earlier mentioned new single "Something Beautiful". Which, by the way, is why the guys look all gothed out in the main blog pic. It's a satire about the music industry and blah blah blah, just rock this loud as hell!