Man, I don't know what can be said about the FMX Purple Party other than awesome.  We got lucky with the perfect day, no real attitudes among the bands, the staff or the crowd.  Best of all, everybody seemed willing to check out each others music.  More after the jump.


It's easy to say "it's all rock", but I know lots of times people go see a three band  bill and hate on one band for reasons known only to them.  On the FMX Purple Party Bill we had classic rock, grunge, rap-rock, screamo, metal, and much more and some how it all worked.  When you look at it on paper, having Asking Alexandria and Tesla back to back looks odd as heck, but everybody seemed to celebrate whatever which ever band was on stage had to offer.  Gemini Syndrome and Beware of Darkness got us off to an awesome start and still after 13 hours, Powerman 5000 was so good that they were encored and the crowd was going nuts.  Bush killed it like laid back pros, Candlebox had everyone singing along and Hollywood Undead (and their little guest) may have stole the show.

The crowd was into the festivities to, with people lining up for purple paint, purple beads, purple glow sticks and more.  The only question is, was the concept of the FMX Purple Party so good that it needs to be done again?  Sure "x" amount of concerts are going to come and go and they'll all have their various names and sometimes themes.  What we now have to decide is if we're going to call this concept 'one and done' so that when people talk about "The FMX Big Purple Party" everyone will always know that we're talking about the concert that happened on 4/21/2013.  So what do you think, should we ever used the "Big Purple Party" concept again, or just let this one take on legendary status?  The choice is yours.

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