Traditionally, the FMX Big Purple Party happens near the end of May. We cherry-pick bands from River City Rockfest and Rocklahoma. This year, we bet on the wrong horse.

We're not going to name names on this one. We can only tell you that our promoter had a headliner picked and were actually in the process of adding another headliner. All of the bands on the undercard were ready to go.

Then, a member of the main headliner band opted to go to a private event that night instead and the secondary headliner just passed on the offer. All of this is unheard of, and now, a dozen or so bands will not be playing on a Saturday night in Lubbock due to the actions of the headliner. We literally have never had this problem getting bands on this weekend in more than a decade of doing this.

Not wanting to go with an inferior lineup, we are at the very least postponing this year's Big Purple Party until Fall or until 2017. We are not going to risk the legacy of this event by putting on a half-ass show. If we can get a two-stage, or full day of rock, on the main stage show together, we'll party purple style later this year.

It's best to keep in mind that there is no shortage of shows to rock out to. This month alone, there's Schism (Tool tribute), Candlebox (plus their free acoustic set at the Buddy Holly Center), Shaman's Harvest/Aranda/Failure Anthem, ZZ Top, Powerman 5000, Prong, X-Fest (featuring Volbeat, Black Stone Cherry and Monster Truck) and the one-and-only Puscifer.

That's JUST this month. Get out there and rock, and we'll keep working with our promoter on bringing you some killer shows.


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