big purple party

Papa Roach 'Gravity' in Lubbock
Jacoby Shaddix promised it would happen, and it did. At this year's FMX Big Purple Party, Papa Roach was joined onstage by In This Moment singer Maria Brink for a powerful performance of "Gravity."
Phil Labonte of All That Remains on Playing in Bad Weather [VIDEO]
I had the most amazing conversation with Phil Labonte on his band All That Remains backstage at the Big Purple Party. I am fascinated by the band's incredible use of acoustic and electric guitars and their ability to embrace both the soft and the heavy, the light and the dark.
Purple Painting Videos
While we were helping the crowd get purple at this year's Big Purple Party, we ran into Becca, AKA the most purple girl from our show in 2014. Thankfully, she was down to get even more purple - this time with a friend.

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